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What is Intuitive Energy Healing?

Our Human Energy System is a union of our Earth Energy and our Source Energy systems
It’s our conscious connection between Mother Earth (Gaia) and Source (our higher-self), everything is conscious, everything is energy, frequency and vibration.
Our awareness is our higher-self. By allowing ourselves to know of our present patterns, our truth, we gain the power to choose our new reality.
All healing takes place within ourselves. The healer, facilitator is a guide who can help us access these connections and relationships with our higher-selves.
An Intuitive energy healer has sensitive perception enabling them to mirror, highlight areas in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies that are stuck and stagnant.
If you’re willing to pay attention to these aspects of yourself you’ll be able to find balance and strengthen your whole being.

Three Ways to Get Started

Intuitive Energy Healing, Todd Cunningham, One One Sessions

Private Sessions

Todd facilitates one on one sessions helping you sense, update and evolve your energetic structure.

Todd Cunningham, Universal Flow Workshops


We have group intuitive energy healing workshops. These are interactive hands on experiences.

Personal Coaching

A six week, transformational journey too develop your Personal Energy Management Practice.

How People Describe Todd’s Work

Schedule a Session with Todd

Todd Cunningham uses his abilities, to sense energy, as a mirror and gently guides you into places in your body and energy field where you can find balance and deeper connection with your source. He will give you meditations to practice and lead you to discover the patterns you can process to reach your desired outcomes. Todd will help you develop your own personal energy management practice.

Todd Cunningham, Intuitive Energy Healer
Todd Cunningham, Intuitive Energy Healer