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Regain Your Spiritual Soveriegnty 

What is Intuitive Energy Healing?

  • Our Human Energy System is a union of our Earth Energy and our Cosmic Energy.
  • It  is our conscious connection between Mother Earth (Gaia) and Source (our higher-self), everything is conscious, everything is Energy, frequency and vibration.
  • Our awareness is our higher-self. By allowing ourselves to know of our present patterns, our truth, we gain the power to choose our new reality.
  • Ultimately all healing takes place within ourselves. The healer, facilitator is a guide who can help us access these connections and relationship with our higher-selves.
  • An Intuitive Energy Healer has sensitive perception enabling them to lead you to areas in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies that are stuck and stagnant.
  • In other words if your willing to pay attention to these aspects of yourself you will be able to find balance and strengthen your whole being.

Three Ways to Get Started

We have one on one session for intuitive energy healing, yoga, spiritual guidance, personal message channeling and nutrition. We have group trainings and six week transformational journeys.

Man reaching for rainbow heart spiritual counseling Todd Cunningham Bend Oregon

One on One Sessions

We have one on one sessions to help you develop your relationship with your energy, your inner self and your spiritual, universal conscious connection.

Man filling himself with rainbow light in integrative workshop Todd Cunningham Bend Oregon

Online Group Trainings

We have group energy awareness trainings. We prefer to do them in person. Currently they're all online.

Man walking in rainbow road energy medicine energy healing Todd Cunningham Bend Oregon

Transformational Journeys

We have six week transformational journeys. You will have a personal guide. Including six one on one sessions and course work that you down load with tutorials and guided meditations.

Schedule a Reading with Todd

Todd Cunningham uses his abilities, to sense energy, as a mirror and gently guides you into places in your body were you can improve the flow of Earth and Cosmic energy. He will give you meditations to practice and lead you to discover the patterns you can process to reach your desired outcomes. Todd will help you develop your own personal energy management practice.


Todd Cunningham, Intuitive Energy Healer

How Other People Describe Todd's Work

Todd Cunningham is the real thing. It's hard to filter through all the practitioners out there. Todd really understands how healing works and how to facilitate it. He has access to information that most of us have not learned to access and he has a passion for his work that the rest of us only strive for. Todd has facilitated some of the biggest and deepest changes I have ever made, I am eternally grateful for that, and am excited for the work we still have ahead of us

Beth Sabo Novik


Todd is an extremely talented healer whom I would recommend to anyone. He has a very unique approach, the core of which employs the concept that true healing can only be done by the individual. As a facilitator of healing, Todd is highly intuitive, very patient, and most importantly extremely effective. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of my sessions with him. Todd is a breed apart and if you are looking for true wellness and happiness, look no further!

Jay Lins

VP, Sales & Marketing

I give Todd the highest possible recommendation. In working with him I was able to inspire my innate healing capabilities. His synergistic intuitive connection was held within sacred space. A true healer knows that they are not doing anything rather together a higher state is revealed, each receives what they need/perceive/envisioning.

Stephanie Cannoe

Senior Business Analyst

Todd, your work is amazing. After attending one of your workshops and gauging the expressions of disbelief on everyone's face because they could literally feel a physical sensation associated with your demonstration on energy - I knew that I was not the only one who had felt it. Learning from you was one of the most exciting experiences I have ever had and opened many doors. Your lessons can be shared and remembered for the rest of my life. Thank you

Eliza Wentworth

Digital multimedia