10 Things to Support You and Your Family During COVID 19

1) Remind yourself that you are a sovereign being.

You are the only one who can choose for yourself. On this Earth plane, you have free choice. Therefore, you have to choose. Even, not choosing is a choice. I like to Listen to Brother Bob and Satsang for inspiration.

Redemption Song
I Am

2) Remind yourself that “You Are The Healer”

You are the one who keeps yourself healthy. We have universal sovereign free choice on this Earth Plane. Therefore, we are the ones who can block or catalyze health and healing within ourselves. This is why, I know that I can only guide, teach, coach and otherwise facilitate another’s transformation. “You Are The Healer”. Contact me I love to talk about this.

3) Choose a practice that connects you to source.

There are as many ways to open to universal consciousness as there are people. Pick some practices; meditation, ceremony, internal introspection, affirmations, generating feelings of love and gratitude. Practice and learn and adjust to what fits your unique being, your are the only one who knows your truth. There are suggestions in my book Energy Work 101

4) Clear your doubt, fear and anger.

Do not shy away from these feelings use them to see what patterns you have adopted and therefore you know exactly how to reprogram yourself. Allow your “negative” feelings they are you and they will teach you. The idea that being spiritual means that you will always be positive is a misunderstanding. You are human, you will have feelings and it only adds more stress to deny these feelings. Use them to learn about yourself. Hang out with some frequencies when your having a hard time. Listen to The Meditative Mind

5) Meditate, Walk, Sing, Dance

Do the art you have always wanted to do. Use these things to generate the new emotions that you are re-programing yourself with. We are always being programed and programing ourselves. Become more aware of what patterns you are allowing within yourself. Become conscious of the frequencies that you allow to run through you. Rachel Ann has a unique approach with this contact her here.

6) Use affirmations

Record your affirmations so you can play them back to yourself. Remember to generate the emotions that go along with the ideas. Thought + Emotion is what attracts events and circumstances and groups of people to each other.

7) Support your body

Eat the foods that you know are healthy for you. Do the work to know what is good for your system. There is not a one size fits all plan for food. Drink allot of pure water.

8) Use supplements

Take whole food supplements, use herbs, and use essential oils. Be aware of your emotional state while you consume supplements, ask them to work with you and thank them for being part of you. My friend Nathan Witkop DC is awesome with developing programs specific to you. Contact him through Facebook.

9) Go outside

Exercise, commune with nature even if you can only find a few plants. A dandelion growing through the cracks in the cement is a powerful being, honor it ask it to guide you. There seems to be allot of birds close by peoples houses now that their environment is more peaceful. Tune into them and the animals around you they all have messages reflecting our patterning. Ted Andrews has great books on animal plant and Earth signs/spirit guides.

10) Love yourself

Fill yourself with love, this does not require anyone else or their permission. Then you can love everyone around you. Love is the strongest frequency, the most organized, the most coherent in our universe. It is the I Am presence, the Christ consciousness within you. When you love yourself, you are aligning yourself with the most creative consciousness. From this connection you can create anything that is in alignment with your love. Check out this article from the HeartMath Institute.

Please do not misconstrue this article as being medical advice. This is only intended for your personal wellness. Choose for yourself. Only “You Are The Healer”.