8 Ways to Balance Your Energy

8 Ways to Balance Your Energy

1) Allow yourself to know that you are made from energy and that your conscious awareness is the eternal part of you.

2) Allow yourself to know that you are also part of the Earth that your body is part of our Earth and Mother Earth is alive.

3) Meditate on the idea that our Universe and our Earth are conscious themselves and that our universe operates with the overriding rule of free choice.

Love is the most powerful energy in our universe. It is the highest frequency. The act of unconditionally loving any one or any thing is powerful because it acknowledges the divine within the individual.

4) Ask your higher self to help you become more conscious and aware of yourself.

Yes, this is circular and within your asking you are giving permission for your higher consciousness (and therefore the whole universe) to help you evolve.

5) Visualize your connection with your Earth and your Universe.

Again another circle: the act of consciously, willingly, being aware of your connection with your source and the source of your body will help you more deeply experience and understand this connection. The act of expecting to have a vision can induce it. Imagine your connection with your source and the Earth. Anything that is blocking you from having this vision is blocking your flow of “Universal Source Energy”.

6) Be willing, commit yourself, allow yourself to become aware of “what is true for you now” in any given moment.

More conscious is more conscious. It’s not more conscious of what you judge as being good! It’s more conscious of whatever you’re perceiving. The filters that you have developed are your perception. You can only become aware of your higher truths if you are willing to be aware of what is true; now. Yet, another circle: allow yourself to be aware of what is true now and you will know your truth.

7) Allow your new awareness, your new information to drive your choices.

Take what is true for you now and allow your new information to lead your life. The short cut here is to think from your heart be compassionate, be grateful. Your mind is not capable of knowing what your heart knows and your heart is incapable of being confused by an outdated belief system. Yes, your ability to think is very useful and if your heart doesn’t agree then trust your heart it can see much farther in all directions including time. Your mind will surrender to your heart but if you force yourself to ignore your heart you are ignoring the most powerful part of your energy field.

8) Commit to following your highest consciousness your source.

Yes this is the great circle! Your conscious awareness is the eternal part of you, Our Universe runs on free choice. Your choice to allow yourself to be aware will lead you to your truth and you will synchronize with your source. By asking for your higher self to help you become aware and you will fully join with the Earth. Do this, by asking our Mother Earth to teach you about being in your body. Start at our All One Universe and connect through your Higher Self, through your physical body and into the Earth. Our Earth is made of our All One Universe: now you are connected and will be balanced: like a wheel.

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