About Todd Cunningham Intuitive Energy Healer, Spiritual Guide and Author

Todd Cunningham

Intuitive Energy Healer, Spiritual Guide and Author

Todd guides individuals to heal themselves using his own technique he calls energetic mirroring through his practice and platform, Universal Flow.

I’m compelled to share the most valuable lessons I’ve learned. How I connect with my heart and how I’ve cultivated a relationship with our Mother Earth, Gaia and The Source of All That Is.

How I Began

I was born in Albany NY in 1964 where you had to “Make Something of Yourself” and “Choose a Profession” from the ones on the list at school. In this reality all the causes of events were contained within our atmosphere. Except for the big nuclear reactor (The Sun) in the sky that heats us.

Programing I Learned in School

  • Trust the science and knowledge from the “experts”.
  • Spirituality was a superstition that “Savage” people believed in.
  • Church was what you did on Sunday for an hour because it was expected.
  • Do what “the government” says because they’re there to protect you.
  • If an adult said you did something, then you were wrong.
  • Your DNA determined all your physical characteristics and your health.
  • Consciousness was a product of the physical reactions in your brain.
  • Eat your meat and potatoes and drink your milk.
  • There used to be diseases before vaccines eradicated them.
  • Hide under your desk to prepare for a nuclear threat.

So, when I told my 2nd grade teacher that “what I was going to do when I grow up” wasn’t on the list and furthermore she couldn’t make me choose. I was being rude, disobedient and confrontational. Well, I wore that like a badge for many years.

Conversely, I still have great respect for my 4th grade science teacher Mrs. Todd (coincidentally). I defiantly sat at my desk when we were doing the drill where you hide under your desk because there’s a threat of a nuclear ICBM (missile). When she questioned my actions, I explained that my desk wasn’t going to save me from being vaporized by a nuclear blast and that I wouldn’t comply. She was one of the few adults who showed respect for my free choice.

Internally somehow, I knew what was true for me. I was intent on maintaining my personal sovereignty regardless of the social or physical threats.

Fast forward, after trying to “fit in” for many years, obtaining a B.S. in Physics and searching for the secrets of the universe at the bottom of many beer bottles and a few other substances, in a night of fitful sleep I was directed (by consciousness much more than me) to choose. “Choose now!”, meaning; “do you choose to live?” or “do you want to keep up your current trajectory and die?”

I still remember sitting on my bed drenched in sweat knowing that I needed to choose now. Choose to live! But what do I choose? I could go get a doctorate in physics, no! So, for the first time in my life, I sat and meditated about “what makes me happy?”. I was 23 years old, I wanted to go ski big mountains and run waterfalls in my kayak, so I did.

Along this path I met Native Americans. They teach their children that they come from the stars and that their truth, their life’s path is within them, in their hearts.

I hung out with shamans, energy healers, massage therapists, all types of (alternative) practitioners. I studied quantum physics, went to every church, temple, and ceremony I could find, and I was taught daily by the mountains and the rivers.

Slowly but surely, I began to remember that if I’m conscious then so is everything else. The Taos Pueblo people taught me that everything the earth, the moon, the stars, the rocks, the trees, the animals all of it are our brothers and sisters. In other words, they’re all aware of you.

I’ve developed a system for myself a way to re-member to unlearn my programing and relearn my connection with all that is.

Knowing I am much more than what I was taught in school and experiencing a much greater reality than the limitations imposed on it by western thinking has helped me find peace and joy within myself. This journey has taught me to love myself. This love for myself is the capacity in which I can love everyone else, all my brothers and sisters.

Universal Flow is the process, understanding and practice given to me by Universal Consciousness, Great Spirit, God to help me connect and relate to my place here on Earth and within all of creation. I’m compelled to share these gifts, not to show people how it’s done, but as a humble offering, a way to develop your own unique and personal spiritual connection.

Ultimately, Your Truth Lies Within Your Heart.