About Universal Flow

& Todd Cunningham

Todd J Cunningham

Intuitive Energy Healer, Spiritual Guide, & Author

Universal Flow is what I call the process and practice shown to me by universal consciousness. It helps me connect and relate with my place here on Earth and within all of creation. I’m compelled to share these gifts, not to show you how it’s done, as much as a way for you to develop your own unique and personal spiritual, universal, energy connection.

I’m compelled to share the most valuable lessons I’ve learned. How I connect with my heart and how I’ve cultivated a relationship with our Mother Earth, Gaia and The Source of All That Is. It’s all you really need to know. Once you become aware of your connection you will have access to all you need in any moment.  Read More

Your Truth Lies Within Your Heart

Todd Cunningham, Intuitive Energy Healer

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Todd Cunningham uses his abilities, to sense energy, as a mirror and gently guides you into places in your body were you can improve the flow of Earth and Cosmic Energy. He will give you meditations to practice and lead you to discover the patterns you can process to reach your desired outcomes. Todd will help you develop your own personal energy management practice.