Questions to Lifes Answers?

Do I create and imagine everything I see? Is everything I see imagined? How?

I am- so I must be somewhere.


I am.

Not I am somewhere.

I just am.

Perhaps we’ve made it all up and maybe due to attachments(which most likely were learned) we have made up these worlds we live in. So what is beyond the world we live in and perceive? Is it all pattern- geometrical shapes frequencies and visuals of color?

I am here.

Or maybe its just truth, what ever is our own individual truth.

Perhaps I am everywhere. I am out there in the stars as they are here in me as I am sitting in my chair talking to my dog.

Is there more than one whole that lives inside of me? Ever?

There must be. Because I am. Which is part of everything.

Is the goal to take all the parts of everything that I have been configured with in this time around and put them all together to make a whole? A new whole? For expansion of the whole?

As I write I can hear the rain its almost ice. Its crashing onto the ground echoing off the ice that has already established. It sounds like millions of crystals shattering into each other. Reminds me of the seashells crashing onto the shore up against the shells that have already been washed up there. That is an interesting cycle. They just breakdown and breakdown some more. From once creatures on the ocean floor to the shells crushing into the tiny sand pieces on the beach to one day perhaps compacted into a blazing crystal.

Maybe very much like us and our cycle.

Yep Crazy-ness for sure.