Awareness ~ Your Power to Create

Our universe is intelligent

In other words, all that exists is derived from conscious awareness. The first thing to come from nothing is Intelligent Infinity – this is the all of the all. What if, instead of the idea that matter came first and then eventually it gained the ability to become self-aware, what if, self-awareness came first and then actually created time and space so this awareness could have a physical experience. Yes what if spirit created matter? Or what if spirit and matter are inseparable? this is your power to create.

I’m using this term Intelligent Infinity because God and even creation are very loaded terms at this point and they have heavy social and political attachments, arguments and disinformation surrounding them.

My main point is, for hundreds of years our western belief system, our pursuit of knowledge has been working under the assumption that by examining the material in this world we are going to discover its truth. This is exactly backwards and yet we know what’s true. It’s a basic scientific discussion / argument; does form follow function or does function follow form.

Let’s apply this idea to the nature of consciousness itself. Awareness does not need anything to be. The requirement for awareness is that any one individual is aware, that they are aware.

For hundreds of years we’ve been studying form to learn of its function.

Yet we are just discovering scientifically what has been obvious all along. That their must be a need a desire first then the form follows. It’s like building a house you first require, a need or desire for a house then you make plans, then you collect materials, then you build the house. The thing that created the house was the desire or need to have a house, it’s not really a thing it’s an awareness that becomes a pattern that the house forms around.

For these last few hundred years we’ve been searching for our minds inside of our brains.

Yet we know that our mind our ability to be aware must have preceded our brain. In fact the first creation to happen out of nothing must have been awareness, not a thing, since things require awareness, they must have a pattern to be formed within. Out of nothing came awareness, consciousness, intelligence which then created the need / desire for our; universe, galaxy, solar system, Earth, You, ETC.

Your mind isn’t in your brain anymore than it is in your big toe.

Your mind, your mind’s mind and it’s mind created your mind and then your body was created so that you could have an experience in this time / space reality, not the other way around. The point is that your being is your awareness, not your body, not your brain. Put simply, your consciousness is you and you’ve chosen at this time to have an experience in a body.

There is a classical mental exercise in physics which goes like this: The question is which is more universally stable your computer or device your reading this article on or the plans the pattern that your computer is built around. The answer is simple, once you realize that your computer or device can easily be destroyed but yet the pattern the plans to build a new one still exists, if no where else, within our human consciousness. The idea of your computer is more stable, longer lasting, than the thing itself. The thought the awareness of your device supersedes the tangible, material object and so it goes with your consciousness. Your consciousness supersedes your body / brain it may persist even when the material no longer exists.

If you really want health and wealth and happiness you need to feed your soul and strengthen your spirit.

The core of your existence is not in the material of your body, it is not in some chemical storage bin in your brain. The core of you existence, your center, is within the most stable part of you, your awareness, your being. It is not tangible, you can’t hold onto it, but it is the source of your power. I’m not talking about religion I am talking about your being your truth what you know in your heart and your stomach and your toes. This truth, your truth is more important than anything you will find by searching your brain or discovering how your brain works. In fact we may have little chance in understanding how our brains function until we understand that they are not the source of our consciousness. Searching for your conscious awareness inside of your brain is like looking for this article inside of your computer or your smart device. It’s not there. If you break your phone my article will still exist. If you destroy the whole internet it will still exists within the ripples it has made in our reality.

If you have a pull a desire for more, ……….burning inside of you then stop looking outside to fill this gap. The answers to what you desire exist within your willingness to be aware.

If there is something in your life that you dislike and you are wishing to change then change your awareness,

Be willing to see and feel as much truth as possible about the subject. If you allow yourself to know your truth about any given issue then you are fully aware, and when you become aware you have free choice about changing yourself and any situation you are involved with now.

By going to the source of any issue, asking yourself, “what is true for me now?”. You regain your power to choose how you are going to react, what you are going to do and not do and therefore what action you are choosing to create next. You are connecting yourself to your source and the source of all consciousness which is the source of all things so that you can work with the infinite intelligence in creating this / your reality.