We as an American society have been systematically trained to obey. We have been taught fear of speaking out from day one. The ones who break this code have been labeled “rebels,” simply …

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Andrew Wilson

Aries Full Moon

This is Andrew Wilson He is an excellent astrologer I find his way of interpreting astrology clear and easy to understand you can find more information about Andrew at Earth to Heaven AstroLogic

Attention Please

Consider this… When we stop to pay attention with pure intent to our breathing, or anything for that matter, if that attention is coming from a place of heart and not directed or …

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A flower sits in a field. Wind blowing, flowers surrounding. This isn’t a flower to pick, kill, and take home to a dish. This flower deserves you, it deserves your energy. Paint it, …

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Sweet Dreams

As I drift from this world riding the winds of consciousness to the subconscious, may I uncover the secrets for the next adventures that will light my soul on fire with love. Let …

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