Boundaries, Permission and Free Choice

Our Universe and Our Earth Plane Operate on Free Choice

It is true that in our present social environment our boundaries are being challenged daily—physically, mentally, emotionally, and psychically. It is also true that there are consequences for all parties involved—individuals infringing on other people’s boundaries and the individuals allowing these boundary infringements.

Avoid Codependent Energetic Attachments

There are energetic attachments between everyone involved. If you don’t see energy; study social co-dependencies and realize that there are energetic attachments that go along with all codependent interactions.

Boundaries and Grounding

To become grounded, energetically balanced, and to be an effective energy healer / facilitator you’re required to learn and maintain your boundaries—physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Maintain Your Boundaries by Respecting Others

Lets start at the beginning. Whether your goal is being a proficient practitioner or to balance your own system the process is the same. You, the part of you that is self-aware, are an individual part of our all one universe. You are a unique individual celestial being. From this vantage point you chose to come here to earth and incarnate into your present physical form. At this time the Earth also consciously agreed to share part of the Earth with you while you are here, this being your physical body. Remembering, realizing, renewing, and respecting this agreement you have with the Earth will ground you, align you, and help your body work more efficiently. This connection and sharing of your physical presence you have with the Earth is an ongoing process. You breath in you breath out, You eat things made of earth and you return it to the Earth, You drink water and return it, and your energy is cycling in from source, through your higher self, your body, the Earth, and back through source.

 Your are not Capable of Deciding the Outcome for Another Person

Assuming that another person should heal, should change from their present state of being, is a boundary infringement and a codependent energy attachment. Assuming that you are trying to heal your client is a common mistake among many health care providers. Assuming that someone else should heal is also a judgment that they are not already whole now. Remember that healing takes place within the individual. In other words we can only heal ourselves.

The Choice to Heal is Yours

The choice to heal, or not, is up to the individual and the universe. The healer’s job is to help their client see what is true for them now, and not assume that they (the practitioner) know the plans of the universe and their clients higher self. As a facilitator you will be much more effective by asking for you and your clients; highest good, highest joy, and highest evolution, than asking for a specific outcome. This is the choice of the individual and the universe. It also leaves an opening for events and possibilities that neither you nor your client are consciously aware of now.

There are Two Main Choices

In examining free choice and boundaries I have concluded that I have two basic choices. I can choose to become aligned and aware of my higher self and the direction that the universe is trying to move me, in my earthly awareness or I can choose to ignore my cosmic self and try to negotiate life, here on Earth, as if I am separate from the whole.

Todd Cunningham facilitates Energy Healing Work and is the director of Universal Flow.

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