Encouragement for All to Be One

I’m writing you to remind you how much you really are.

Below and beyond the seeming chaos of our world is a vast reservoir of one.

I will not attempt to suggest that I know our fathom the whys and how’s of all the disruption that surrounds and engulfs us at this time. You name it, it’s happening now. What I am saying is that now as much as ever what we can do is be whole, be one, be brave enough to be love and joy rather than fear and hate and separation. I can’t even tell you whether or not our world is going through some major transition as many seem to claim. Yet, I can tell you that we are always transitioning that the nature of our world and realty is change and flow. So it is true, we must change and flow or be changed. The reality is, if we simply choose to be our truth and our love then we will change and we will be the change. This is what will happen, we will change.  The alternative is to be changed by fear and separation.

Be the change you want to see in the world to be

Your resistance to change is the source of your fear. Your willingness to believe that you are lesser than, that you can’t choose your truth now, this is the source of your pain. This is why your tired, your body aches, why you can’t sleep at night. Your willingness to believe the ones who wish to program you into thinking; that you are less than extraordinary, that you have to accept the limitations of our survival world, this is your struggle and that of all your friends and neighbors.

We are all one, believe in your truth

This world is a training ground with the goal to be connected as one

  • Be the change you wish the world to be
  • You are the one you/we have been waiting for
  • You are a spirit having a human experience
  • This world is temporary
  • This world is the illusion
  • You are the eyes of God

With great reverence and  respect for ancient island tradition and modern Ho’oponopono

I’m Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You, I Love You