Energy Healing Debunked or Not?

This is in response to the ongoing debate:

Is energy healing more effective than the placebo effect?

The short answer? It’s like comparing apples to apples what you get is more apples. To compound the issue many energy healing, energy medicine practitioners are discrediting themselves.

I’ll start with the nature of healing and therefore it’s source.

My personal understanding of the source of us, our energy and therefore the source of the most effective healing is that it comes from within you. We, us and our whole universe are one. Meaning, it is all made from the same thing, it is all one source. All of us being one, originating from the same one source, is a common understanding at the core of all spiritualism and at the base of all our sciences—physics.

Healing originates from within each individual—the source is the same.

A proficient facilitator knows that their job isn’t to heal you. Their mission is to help you gain faith in yourself that you can and will heal. Their basis is ground in the idea that the source of all health and healing is within ones self. In other words, your best way of connecting to and communicating with the, all one, source is through yourself. This is the part of the all one that you can know best.

First of all, lets start with our own (man’s) law.

I believe it’s illegal in all 50 states to claim that any substance, method, or modality can heal you. This is as true for doctors as anyone else. It’s for good reason since the only way you can heal happens within yourself.

Secondly, let’s put scientific dogma such as “it has to be scientifically proven” to bed once and for all.

Science theorizes. Meaning all scientific ideas are theories. They are our best models of understanding now, and therefore inherently can’t be proven as fact only dis proven or improved. There you have it, nothing can be proven scientifically. The Modern scientific theory of the nature of our universe is that it is constructed from one source, one unified field of energy. all things seen and unseen are made from a single source. So, our most highly (academically acceptable) theory, on our planet, claims that us and our universe are created from frequency and vibration, which makes light, electromagnetic energy and then constructs all matter. From this we can discus, debate, argue, yet the most highly accepted academic model is that all is made from one source.

The skeptics of energy healing, energy medicine and spiritual teachings suggest that at best any results are a product of an overactive imagination, that the hope that any given modality will heal you produces the placebo effect. To this I say, “but of course, you are correct, the best facilitators help people reproduce the placebo effect within themselves”. Yes, the most effective energy healing and the placebo effect are the same thing with one small yet large difference. With the placebo effect the individual is tricked, if you will, into believing that the treatment they are being given is a cure for their ailments and subsequently they experience results, of all kinds; physical, mental and emotional. Between 15% to sometimes 80% of people in any control group ever studied report improvement. This is the standard that all drugs and medical treatments are measured against. Every double blind clinical study to date has shown that a percentage of people will heal because they believe the sugar pill or other placebo will heal them. The small difference with true energy healing is the claim that one can consciously tap into their own source; higher consciousness, energy, pattern, frequency, vibration and gain faith, in themselves, that they will heal. I’m not saying that’s it’s easy, this is where facilitators have a job to coach and guide a person into believing in and supporting themselves. I’m saying that it can, has and is being done.

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What have we learned?

We’ve learned that it doesn’t really matter what method you use to heal as long as it leads you to believing in yourself, you can heal.

So for all of you who are arguing that the affects of; energy healing work, energy medicine and spiritual healing can all be accounted for by a psychological effect, I say “yes, of course, your right”. What you’ve missed is the latest, and very likely the oldest, understanding of the nature of consciousness itself.

The outdated theory is that we human’s are conscious and aware but the rest of the universe is not.

If we are made of the same source then it’s nonsense to say that we, us humans are aware and trees, animals, mountains, rivers, planets, solar systems, galaxies and universes are not. It may be that we don’t know or are not willing to communicate with them but that doesn’t prove that they don’t know how. The belief system that humans are the only sentient beings in the multiverse is wrought with holes. This line of thinking goes as far as saying that the chemical reactions in our bodies and brains has produced an effect where we are having the illusion that we are conscious. This theory holds up until we ask one little question, “who’s having the illusion?”. The chemical’s; are made of atom’s, made of subatomic particles, made of spins of energy fields, that blink in and out of existence from one unified field of possibility and all of this is you.

How can we be the only conscious thing in the universe and be made of that universe at the same time?

Now, for us energy workers, my profession, my piers

We have all the same issues as the rest of our culture. There are certainly charlatans selling snake oil at one end of the new age spectrum (no offense meant to snakes or the efficacy of their oils) and at the other are true pioneers integrating ancient wisdom with our modern understandings of our world.

Healing From WithinOK, let’s review, healing happens within us.

Therefore, the most highly skilled practitioners, facilitators, teachers, healers, coaches, and guides help individuals consciously experience their innate abilities to connect with and experience their connection with themselves, the all one.

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What I am saying is that it’s much more powerful to guide someone to experience and develop their own connection and communication with source and the world around them than it is to send them your way. The idea, from this perspective, that one can be a master teacher healer of this, or that modality, or special ray of light, that this can be transferred to a person is codependent and disrespectful. This transfer of energy from oneself to another leaves your client relying on your energies and it leads them away from being themselves, and it leads them into believing in a special ray or modality that can only be obtained through your special techniques. It disregards the idea that we are all spirit in a human body with our unique experience of one source. I’m not saying that it can’t be done, sending energy to another, I’m saying that it’s codependent. I’m saying that as a practitioner, if you are communicating to your clients that you have something that they don’t already have themselves that you are leading them away from discovering their own inner power.

This is a spiritual endeavor—for what word do we have to better describe the connection between and within all things seen and unseen.

Personally I believe that the purest, most efficient use of my extrasensory perceptions is to use mine to show other people that they have their own abilities, rather than suggesting that I have a special skill or energy that’s only available through me, my teachings or my methods. In other words the highest use of my skills, of sensing peoples energies and energetic systems, lies in helping them learn how to communicate with their higher-self and source itself.

The idea of special rays, attunements and certifications are doing more damage to the integrity of energy healing and energy medicine professionals than are the skeptics. This issue does not lie within the validity of any one modality or practice but rather within the intention of how it’s used. There are no special rays or energy because we are made of the same source and it is all available to all of us. No one can attune you to a frequency or source that isn’t already available inside of you. What certification can you possibly give to one who is already a cosmic being. A true facilitator who really knows that we are all one is going to lead their followers to connect, communicate, and experience for themselves, rather than telling them that they have a special technique that they the practitioner can certify them in.

This is a good sales pitch and an old paradigm

Telling your client that you have practices and techniques that can help them connect with their own source and communicate with their own universal truth is much different than saying you have a special modality or technique that no one else has. The latter is an old paradigm trying to control the information. The statement immediately contradicts itself. Similarly, saying that all the results of energy healing are a product of the placebo effect actually validates exceptional facilitation rather than disproving it’s efficacy.

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So what have we learned so far about how we heal?

1) The universe is all one source. We, everything, is made from the same stuff. Science, most religions, and models of energy healing agree on this if you look closely.

2) All healing occurs and is initiated within an individual not an outside force or substance. Science, most new, and ancient practices agree.

3) Since the universe is all one thing and we humans are conscious and aware, then our universe probably is sentient as well. New science, new age thinking, and ancient teachings seem to agree.

We then know that we can consciously learn to be more aware and heal. Science has shown this with the placebo effect. Everyone knows one way or the other that your outlook, your faith in yourself, has a direct affect on your being and reality.

Personally, I choose to use my abilities of extrasensory perception to help others connect with themselves, rather than distorting myself into believing that I’m meant to heal someone else. Which leads to the idea that we are not the masters of our world, we are our world and our world is us.

As an energy healer I am fully aware that I am meant to help individuals connect to their own source of energy rather than concluding that they need me to direct my connection with source towards them. All healing exists within the realm of understanding; that we heal from within, that what we experience outside of ourselves can be found within us.

Now that I’ve opened this can of worms, I encourage and welcome all comments (no dislike for worms implied or intended). I think this dialogue may help us all reveal our truth. In the interest of keeping this conversation constructive, I remind you that you are free to say whatever you please. I also remind you that you are liable both universally and within (Hu)man’s law for your actions. I request that this discussion refrain from profanities and vulgarities or personal insults and judgments. They will be omitted.

Than You
With great respect and reverence for All
BE Well
Todd J, Cunningham – Author “Energy Work 101”