What is Energy Healing and Energy Medicine?

What is Energy Healing and Energy Medicine?

Energy Healing or Energy Medicine is realigning—synchronizing  your conscious awareness and your physical body with your higher self and the higher consciousness of the Earth. Energy Healing and Energy Medicine are ongoing, moment-to-moment spiritual awakenings that integrate with your daily activities as you develop your personal awareness practice.

Become More Conscious and Aware

What will Energy Healing do for You?

  • Balance your chakra system;
  • Renew and restructure your hara line – This is your unique universal identity and your connection to all that is;
  • Replace your old outdated programing with current high frequency information – tuned for you directly by your source;
  • Increase the performance, strength, flexibility, and efficiency of all your physical systems;
  • Teach you to process stress with greater ease;
  • Reorganize your outdated beliefs and learned programing into your new, real-time operating system;
  • Help you make choices with your highest potential and greatest joy;
  • Guide you in creating your happy, healthy, and wealthy lifestyle.

Our energy comes from Source, God, Great Spirit, Brahma, our Universe…………”all that is”. From source we are individualized, into our unique identity, our higher-self. Our energy then flows through our physical body / presence and connects into the Earth. The Earth connects back to source through her higher frequencies and back into “all that is”.

What does an Energy Healer or Energy Medicine Practitioner do?

An effective Energy Healer or Energy Medicine Practitioner is a Spiritual Teacher or Guide.

  • First of all they maintain their energetic boundaries (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual);
  • Next they honor their client in as they now are;
  • They use their extrasensory abilities to help their clients become more conscious and aware of themselves and their connection with their source.
  • They use their perceptual skills to follow their clients energy bodies, layers of energy fields and they allow the client and the clients systems to do the choosing and the changing.
  • They teach their client skills and practices which will increase their ability to maintain their systems and communicate with their higher self.
  • They respect the free choice and evolutionary process of “all that is”.