Fear and Disease

Fear and Disease“Faith Healing” is Gaining Your Faith in Yourself That You Will Heal

How strong are your fears about healing your body, mind and spirit? Dis-ease the cause of emotional death of your spirit, the cause of colds, illness, heart failure, cancer and death—because of your fear of going into your own heart and seeing what is causing your fear and your dis-ease. Faith healing is having the faith to go into your own body, mind, and spirit to see what fear is causing your dis-ease.

Everyone says they are brave or that nothing can scare them, but ask yourself, Do I truly love every part of My body, mind, and spirit. Most people find that they can not look very deeply into themselves before they find something they don’t like. A healer or medicine person is only a mirror for healing. The medicine person has to put aside any personal need to be successful—coming from a pure heart and allowing the sick person to do the actual work.

Yes, You do the Work, not the Healer, the Healer is the Mirror the Witness

The desire of the sick person to get well has to be present, along with that person’s will to let go of whatever created the illness. Yes you have to process the fear and the other emotions that are holding you back from being a whole and healthy person. A person who is in control of their own body, mind, spirit and emotions is able to be all they can be, inside as well as on the surface, a true beautiful image of who they really are.

Becoming Aware of Your Own Fears

  1. Locate the exact place in your body where you are experiencing fear. Every emotion has a corresponding physical sensation and location in your body.
  2. Focus your awareness on that part of your body. Really feel the fear. Usually when we experience fear, we do everything not to feel it. What you resist persists, so the harder you try not to feel your fear, the more you feed it.
  3. Expand the sensation of fear and make it more intense. Now, this might sound crazy. Why would anyone who was feeling afraid want to feel more fear? Two things occur when you do this. First, when you are afraid, usually you are a victim of your circumstances and do not feel in control. When you choose to feel your fear rather than being the victim of it, you are in control. When you are in control of your fear it will dissipate. When you intensify your fear, you can uncover the experiences from the past and inner issues that continue to create that emotion and dis-ease. When you continually suppress your fear, you never have the opportunity to examine and deal with the underlying issues.
  4. Ask yourself the following questions: if your fear had a shape, what shape would it be? If it had a color, what color would it be? If it had a texture and a temperature, what would they be? If there was a mood or a feeling (irritability, loneliness, melancholy, anger, sadness, depression, etc.) associated with your fear, what would it be? Ask yourself these questions over and over as you continue to focus your awareness on your fear. Do this until you are the observer of your fear, rather than the victim of it.
  5. Notice whether you have any memories associated with your fear. If a fearful memory comes into your awareness, imagine that you are floating above it and viewing it from a higher perspective. Understand that every experience you have allows you to become a more integrated, compassionate human being-even experiences that you deem negative at the time. Once you have found a memory associated with the fear, see if there is an earlier similar memory. Keep going back through early memories until you find a `seed` memory so you can resolve it.

 Original Memory, Seed—Memory

A “seed” memory is an original experience on which all future similar experiences are based. For example, if someone was bitten by a dog when he was two years old, it might precipitate a future fear of dogs. then, perhaps, when the boy was five, playing in his yard, a dog began to chase him. Having a fear of dogs, he became frightened and tripped injuring his knee. This experience strengthened and magnified his fear of dogs. Perhaps another time a dog barked at him, and he was so startled that he fell off his bike. This resulted in a fear of dogs and the inevitability of future knee injuries. Every experience magnifies (and subconsciously justifies) the original fear. Every similar experience is stacked on top of the original experience. When you understand why the fear originated in the first place, you can heal it. Many people have healed life long fears in this way.

Suppressed emotions are the greatest cause of illness and dis-ease.

Fear blocks memories, emotions, and being in your own power, which in turn blocks you from being what your heart truly desires you to be. The creative thought is always a critical thought because it does away with certain illusion and gets closer to the awareness of reality. It enlarges the realm of our awareness and strengthens the power of our reason.

By realization of your fears and going into your fears you can unlock a powerful thought pattern that makes up your total awareness of who you truly are. Which in turn helps you to see that you do not have to live with dis-ease and fear. This helps you to become less needing of people and more reliable of your thoughts and true patterns of self. True power is answering your own fears and patterns and releasing your dis-ease within yourself.

H.O.W.= honesty, openness, and willingness:

To see your own faith in yourself. To become the person that is hiding in the fear and dis-ease, that person who others are afraid to see because of their fear to be themselves.

It does not matter what others think of you, because you are your own power and it is your own choice to be who you are without the fear or dis-ease or the necessaries of being sick to feel the love of someone else. If you are afraid to love yourself for who you are, then you need to go to the source in your body, mind, and spirit to dissolve the fear that is making you full of dis-ease.


Rev. Roseann Mason 2003


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