Find Your Universal Yoga Flow!

  1. We are so happy to announce that in addition to all of the wonderful nourishing goodies we have at Universal Flow, we are now also offering yoga!

Rachel Ann has been busy training hard with Rise Movement Yoga Studio in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. where she recently received her 200 hr. yoga teacher training certification.

Rachel has studied the philosophy, lifestyle and benefits of yoga for many years and has now taken it to the next level. Join her for Universal Yoga Flow.

Yoga is a way of life that allows for and promotes balance, structure, and space not only in the body, but also in everyday activities and process. Yoga is everything – it is found in all aspects of life.

The practice of yoga is just that, a practice.

A true yoga practitioner is always practicing. At times diving deeper into that practice, or sometimes back tracking for another angle. Just like life. Yoga can change your whole existence! It’s a very powerful ancient tool that anyone can use to add much greater depth, purpose and awareness to life.

Anyone can practice yoga.

A yoga practitioner doesn’t have to be bendy, thin, balanced or young to begin. In fact, just the opposite was the case for Rachel. After a work related injury and 3 years of trying to recover, she had experienced weight gain, muscle atrophy, depression. She found herself needing something to help her out of the hole she felt like she was living in.  During that 3 year period a woman of middle age went from an active full lifestyle to times of complete stillness(due to surgery) and many moments of deep inner reflection. Being told she wouldn’t ever be able to use her body in the same capacity she was so accustomed to, Rachel being the woman of faith that she is, said, “no way(rebel)! She began focusing on the ancient teachings of yoga that she had felt so deeply in the past and decided to take it a step further. Working hard at the studio with Justin Wolfer she persevered. She can now say that yoga truly can show us the means to heal, not just our bodies, but our whole being! Yoga is a practice that she will continue to maintain her physical and mental health, but it is a practice that flows so much further. It brings us to a much deeper spiritual understanding of our self and all of our relationships.

Yoga is what really brought Rachel back to Rachel and helped her to begin again. 

We can always begin again and be here now.

“If you want to turn things around, feel better, or help yourself be better balanced, I wholeheartedly recommend trying yoga. Practicing proved to me that anything can happen. Doctors told me many things I would most likely NEVER do again. Yet in a time of just over 6 weeks I
am not only doing these activities but am thriving rather than just surviving. I am grateful for the chance to show others that anyone can try and anyone can practice and everyone can benefit!”

We are very proud of Rachel’s hard work and dedication.

Rachel will be available for private consult as well as group classes throughout the area and via video feed for those in distance. She currently is offering a Seva class (give back to the community class) which is every Monday evening at 5:30 pm in the Lake Placid Quality Inn conference room (entrance F). This class is a great way to try out yoga and see what it can do for you. There is no cost for this class as Rachel wants everyone to be able to at least give it a try. A list of more classes and events will be posted weekly here on Universal Flow’s web page as well as on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

As always thank you all for being part of the Universal Flow community. We look forward to sharing with you soon.