Going Within the Ultimate Journey

Your Mission Lies Within You

This is the Ultimate Lesson:

  • Your truth lies within you
  • Your security is within you
  • Your Path/Mission is within you
  • The love you seek is within you
  • Your connection with God/Source/Creator is within you
Going within the Ultimate Journey

The lesson behind all the lessons is that you’re a part of God/Source/Creator and all you need and require can be accessed from within you. Literally the entire multiverse exists within you, it’s holographic. Our chaotic and crumbling world is here to teach you that the only place you can find security, love, happiness, fulfillment, Joy, Prosperity is within your connection, your oneness with all that is.

It doesn’t exist outside of you, stop looking there

There is nothing to fix no external goal to achieve before you can make this connection. There’s no special technique other than to love yourself. I’m not talking about developing self-importance. I’m talking about loving yourself seeing yourself as a part of God having a human experience. You’re part to all of creation as is everyone else. We’re all special and we are all equal.

We get to choose what channel/frequency/reality we’re going to allow ourselves to resonate with.

One of my favorite analogies is of the caterpillar becoming a butterfly. At a certain point inside the chrysalis there’s total chaos and destruction many of the cells choose to commit suicide. A few pieces of decaying cells connect to, channel/download a new set of instructions. A blueprint of their future springing from their connection with the greater universal awareness.

Bruce Lipton

The Evolution of the Butterfly ~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gcacx_i6MIE

These imaginal cells choose, by some divine revelation, that they have a greater future potential than all the destruction around them. Greater than where they’ve been in the past. No, not all make it, this is not a fairy tale, some fall off the milk weed, some freeze to death, yet some, and only ones who cling to their divine potential, become magnificent.

Yes, everywhere you turn there is potential for your destruction. Your way through is to follow the divine spark that lies within you.