Happy Holidays ~ Enjoy

As the holidays draw close we often find ourselves reflecting on the more recent, the past year.

Hugging Tree

Upon reflection we often see change. The constant, the absolute, the one thing that time and again we can always count on.
With change there can be discomfort. There can be reward. There can be confusion. There can be tremendous growth. And always, with change, there is something to learn, and to reflect on.

So with change–there is also gratitude.

In one year we here at Universal Flow have seen great change. We have broken down old patterns and built anew. We have let go and received. We have wept and jumped joyously.

We have lived.

Each experience has been a blessing. Fulfillment is what we truly have gained from all of our cycles of change. What is deemed as bad one moment can be in reflection, at years’ end, a gift. The polarities of living are daily miracles fulfilling us with new understandings of life.

We are; living, Experiencing, Feeling.

Thank you for being a part of our experience. Keep on changing and living and experiencing all the precious moments that are to be had.
Todd and Rachel