We do not Protect Our Hearts ~ Our Hearts Protect Us.

Our socially accepted reaction to protect our hearts is backwards and therefore leads us astray. The way forward is easy we just need to turn around and look. Our hearts protect us.

Our hearts are directly linked to our Souls, our Higher Self

We are taught by example, if not directly, at an early age that we must protect our hearts.

That our imagination is exactly that just fantasy. That our creative abilities can’t be trusted. This is exactly what people who are interested in controlling societies want you to believe. At a young age you are shown that your heart can’t be trusted because it’s emotional. You learn to control your feelings, if you show your true feelings you’ll seem weak and they’ll be used against you.

Your heart is the seat of your soul, your connection to your higher consciousness. You cannot destroy this part of you in this realm.

As we repeatedly expose ourselves and are ridiculed we learn to protect ourselves from this pain. We think that we need to defend and hide our feelings that this is the way to protect ourselves, our heart. This is exactly backwards. Our hearts are indestructible.  Our minds, intellects, ego these are the parts of us that are limited that are mortal, the parts of us that can be injured by social condemnation, the parts that fool us into thinking we need to hide our hearts so that we won’t feel emotional pain.

The alternative is to realize that we’ve allowed ourselves to be tricked, few people in our world have taught us that our hearts are indestructible. Our hearts can easily endure any emotion that this physical reality has to offer and still be the same, still be our link to our source.

The reason that we don’t feel this connection to our real power is that we’ve been taught to suppress it, to mistrust it.

We’ve mistakenly learned that our hearts only lead us astray, when Actually they’re our link to our personal power

So what’s the way out? how do we turn this around? Well that’s the answer, invert the whole way of looking at the issue. If you want to connect with your heart, allow yourself to feel. Allow yourself to be whole exactly as you are now.

  • Stop labeling what you feel, as good or bad.
  • Don’t try to fix the pain, be with it, allow it.
  • Trust that your heart is powerful that you inherently have the ability to handle any emotion that our world has to offer.
  • Develop faith that you are linked to your higher consciousness and to the source of all things.

Allow yourself to know that this connection will help you process whatever you’re being challenged with. You didn’t appear out of a void. You were created from a limitless source of knowledge, power and Love. Right now, you’re sharing your universal being with the accumulated conscious experience of the Earth who supplies you with this physical reality, your body and all of the substance that you see and feel around you.

You cannot possibly be alone in this reality unless you deny your connection, unless you fall into the false assumption that you need to protect your source from this world! Your fear, is your separation.