Rage Onward

“Do not go gentle into that good night . . . . . . . . . . . . . . “Do not go gentle into that good night . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Rage, Rage against the dying of the light” -(Dylan Thomas)

Here we are at the solstice standstill again. Its the shortest day of the year but also the day that the world gets brighter and where the days get longer. It’s the time of year we choose to mark with festivities and celebration. Its a time where we are reminded of togetherness and a specific union with life on our beautiful living planet.

We are fortunate to have the stories and the remains of our ancestors, and the reminders of where we have come from; without them, our modern understanding of what we are doing on Earth would likely lack concrete guidance, but it might be filled with a more evolutionary way of living that would put awareness before knowing.

So is it that we don’t NEED these relics?

We could likely get lost in the different influences around us and even trade our passion to experience life fully, for a limiting system of beliefs. Sure we could run from loneliness and conglomerate in the security of a local chapel or group, but when we observe what is happening naturally right in front of us and engage with active awareness, a deeper sensation of connection can be experienced. An awareness is developed around the beauty and magic of the winter solstice, and we start to shed light on why so many religions celebrated this time of year.

What happens if we destroy artifacts that were built
to guide us forward on an evolution that began
millions of years ago?

We can forget everything we have ever heard and just listen and observe the natural workings of the world we live in. Its in listening that allows learning, and it’s in knowing, that can create a belief. If we open our awareness to listening, and observing the magic around solstice we can experience togetherness with whatever it is we desire. We can experience a deeper state of satisfaction and union with our life.

We see the sun rise every day and every 364.25 days. We re-visit the same holidays or anniversaries that we create to mark significant moments in life… Most of these yearly anniversaries are of personal significance relating to your personal life. But some hold significance on a larger scale. In fact, almost all religions, and cultures of life around the world are in ceremony or celebration around December Solstice. Popular events like Christmas, Kwanza, Hanukkah, Solstice and many other traditions are celebrated to bring us together. We surround ourselves with the comfort of the family and friends to share love, laughter, gifts, brightness, lights! We share life together, and our boundaries begin to blend as we become a true unity, a true organization of aware beings.

If all of our traditions, relics of the past, and stories of our lineage are forgotten, we still have a natural world around us to observe and be with.

If a person puts a simple rock on the horizon in the spot where the sun rises each day, we can see and measure, that in about 365 days, the sun returns to the same spot. If we set out our 365 stones over a year, and now watch the stars and constellations that appear to be “behind the sun”, we can see a complete circular journey through what we call the “ecliptic” or “ 12 zodiac signs”. We now know that we are on a simple circular orbit, on a rock, going around a massive Light source we call “The Sun”. We immediately recognize how every culture talks of the importance of the Sun as a reference point.

With a simple measurement system and enough curiosity, after 72 years, a human can discover a subtle yet fascinating movement in the stars. After 72 years of putting down a rock on the mark of the solstice sunrise, we will see that it does not line up perfectly! On the 72nd year, the final rock laid down will be 1 full degree off from the original rock placement, Thankfully we as a species are intelligent, and know that things change subtly, there are no “definitive ways”, and we do not take this as an error, or coincidence, but as something to expand our views and beliefs to more possibilities regarding our place in this creation.

This 1 degree difference tells us many things. One thing it tells is that our North Star (our compass star) changes about a degree every 72 years. Humans on Earth have had many different north stars through time! Another view suggests that there is a 26,000 year cycle of humanity to which most intelligent societies have referenced; putting all current religions and philosophies secondary to the natural awareness around December solstice.

The December solstice is the starting and ending point of cycles, it is the reference point to life on Earth, to our history, and what we are doing on this beautiful planet. Honor it with great awareness. Let yourself become the bigger cycles that are happening on this day. Go beyond the yearly holiday, and connect in a place that is true to the core. Connect to your north star of awareness, it is a compassionate reference point we can all celebrate together, and in dark times it can be our only refuge.

It’s at this celebratory time we are reminded of that one thing we already have in common; we’re all here, one-by one, on this one simple rock. Take awareness, push forward, remember. You are your own guide; look around. Look inside. RAGE this ancient awareness into the world as we take a very fast and very new step forward in celebrating life and union.

This will probably be the most intense and amazing year of your life! Rage on with your light.

“. . . . . . .Rage, Rage against the dying of the light” -(Dylan Thomas)

Happy solstice. 🙂


Earth to Heaven Astro-Logic(ETHAL)