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One on one intuitive energy healing sessions. Free online energy healing trainings. Guided Transformational Journeys.

Intuitive Energy Healing

This is a one on one intuitive energy healing session with Todd Cunningham. You can choose to do this over the phone or through zoom.

Please be aware that you are the healer, Todd is a guide. It's all about self-mastery.

All Healing Happens Within One's Self.

Schedule a Reading with Todd

Todd Cunningham uses his abilities, to sense energy, as a mirror and gently guides you into places in your body were you can improve the flow of Earth and Cosmic energy. He will give you meditations to practice and lead you to discover the patterns you can process to reach your desired outcomes. Todd will help you develop your own personal energy management practice.

Please fill out the form below to schedule a session with Todd. He will contact you to briefly discuss your goals and confirm the best time and date for your reading.

All readings are done by donation. Choosing your offering is part of the process. A Paypal link is provided in the footer of this website. Other arrangements are available as well.

Free Online Higher Self Aligment Training

Join Todd for his live "Higher Self Alignment Training".      Monday evenings 7:30pm - 9:00pm ET

Starting Monday March 21, 2022

Man filling himself with rainbow light in integrative workshop Todd Cunningham Bend Oregon

Connecting With Your Source

We're here on Earth to anchor our higher-selves all of our multidimensional aspects into our physical bodies and this material reality. We can't do this through mental understanding. We do it through our heart centers and our connections, our relationship with the Earth, the universe and all of creation.

We'll start with a guided meditation about grounding and connecting our Higher-Self through our physical bodies and into the Earth. Then we'll have a short discussion about the nature of our consciousness, personal energy alignment and how to shift our paradigm, our awareness of our interconnections with our source.

Being able to work with peoples actual transformation is much more powerful than talking about how transformation might work.

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Free Training