Conscious Language System

Conscious Language is a system of language designed to find your limiting beliefs and rewrite them into your highest choices.

conscious language

Statements about yourself mirror your personal power. Language is a tool for transforming your current reality into your heart’s desires. Creative force (I) is put into words and this force along with thoughts and emotions attract the results you desire or fear.

Attracting and discovering your highest choices requires Your Will and Your Power. In the form of “my will be done” and “my power”. Personal Power is Your Faith, Your Will, and Your Truth

Please read the definitions of Faith, Will and Truth on the

“River of Life Therapy” page

When you say I can’t, I don’t, I should, I shouldn’t, I won’t etc. you are literally matching your frequency with that which you fear, you are synchronizing with events that you DON’T want to happen. You are giving your personal power to these events. These are self-sabotaging statements. They also contain your hearts desires and can be rewritten into a positive, creative form.
Conscious Language exists within a conversation that some one is willing to have about themselves. It is a system of language used to hear the limiting patterns, programmed beliefs and thought forms within statements a person is willing to make about themselves (I statements).

Your beliefs and thought forms, your patterning projects holographically through every word you say and is a demand to your universe, your reality on how it is required to be.

A Conscious Language Coach is practiced at hearing the mechanics of your language. They can hear the questions, uncertainties and disconnections in how you use language and ask your own questions back to you, helping you become conscious of your internal dialogue, beliefs and thought patterns.

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  • All the information you acquire will come from within yourself, not from something someone tells you about yourself
  • Conscious Language requires effort for all participants so, be ready!
  • Conscious Languaging is fast, if you are willing to participate, you will be face to face with your core issues in minutes, be prepared!

Be Prepared

  • Support yourself with a comfortable safe environment in which to do your work.
  • Afford yourself free time to process with plenty of drinking water on hand.
  • A typical one on one session last about one hour.
  • This can be done in person or over the phone.

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