Personal Grounding Techniques

By grounding I mean bringing the energy fields of your Higher Self into alignment with your physical energy fields and body.

Personal Grounding

Grounding is a multidimensional connection between your universal identity and your personal physical identity here on Earth. Grounding is the foundation of your existence in space and time. It is the process, which puts individual consciousness into motion and matter.

What is grounding?

When you ground you are anchoring your Hara Line into the Earth (ground). Your Hara Line is an energetic system that is dimensionally deeper than your Chakra system. It is a beam of multidimensional light that is your individualization from the whole of the universe.

What Happens

When you ground you are locating all of yourself here on Earth in your physical body. You are making a claim to the entire universe that you are here now in your body.

Getting Results

If you Practice grounding consistently you will be synchronizing your energetic, mental, emotional and physical body systems. When you become grounded your body will operate more efficiently and you will become more tolerant of physical and emotional stress. You will increase your capacity to consciously process information including becoming more aware of your natural intuitive skills.

As you become more consciously aware of your self and your surroundings you may find that you require guidance in how to navigate your new awareness. It would be my privilege to help you in becoming grounded.

“I have discovered grounding to be the core practice in developing my conscious awareness, my personal wellness practice and my ability to guide another in healing themselves. I facilitate Personal Grounding Sessions in person and through various electronic communications. I have a Guided Grounding Meditation for you. I also teach my workshop Grounding and Personal Awareness.”

Todd J, Cunningham, BS, CST, CMT, SER, BE

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