River of Life Therapy

River of Life TherapyRiver of Life Therapy is a complete holistic healing system

Incorporating all Universal Flow—Energy Healing Techniques and Personal Energy Wellness Coaching.

Your body functions like a river. It has a blue print; a pattern just like the river has its riverbed. Your body and being has energy and fluids and matter flowing through it constantly just like the energy and water and material flows through a river. If your being becomes stagnant or the fluids and matter and energy stop flowing then like the river you stop.

Becoming aware of the flow of material, energy and consciousness through your systems is ultimately what is required to align and integrate your higher self with your physical presence here on Earth. The result is synchronizing all of your being into an experience you refer to as me, myself.

Then you will have a genuine understanding of “what you will be happy with” and your faith in yourself to carry it out. This new sense of being will continually require your truth and your will, your commitment and your effort in consciously being whole.

River of Life therapy is a healing system using multiple hands on healing techniques and conscious language to encourage, guide and coach a person to see their truth, their own information and rewrite old reactive patterns into new choices. When unconscious patterns are made conscious and changed (new choices are made) peoples physical bodies respond rapidly.

This is when healing takes place very quickly, even for “major” physical dysfunctions. I am often asked if I work on specific ailments, e.g. how do I work with “this or that” issue? River of Life Therapy is designed to find the source of any disease or dysfunction. The information is unique for each individual rather than for each malady.

Once you have found the origin of your ailment, disease, dysfunction and complaints the course of action will be obvious the rest is for you to choose. I am committed to each individual experiencing their own information and choosing their own treatment, which will result in healing themselves.

Tools and Techniques

River of Life Therapy is a combination of, CranioSacral Therapy, Body Electronics, Conscious Language, Energetic Mirroring, Aromatherapy and Personal Wellness Coaching. This combination of treatments addresses ones physical, emotional and spiritual selves simultaneously. Dysfunctions operate on all these levels at once. Their separation is only for the ease of discussion.

Likewise, there is no clear division between physical, emotional and energetic systems within the human organism. Your body functions (and/or) dysfunctions on many levels, bodies, and dimensions simultaneously. By addressing the whole self, I have experienced profound success in guiding a person to heal.

The Prerequisites for healing yourself are Your Faith and Your Will to see Your Own Truth.


The Faith I am speaking of is Faith In Yourself. You have the ability to heal yourself from the inside out. You don’t have to know how; you have to know you Will.


In this case Will refers to deliberate conscious choice of action. Will also encompasses Willingness; a dedicated resolve to carry out a chosen action. Often the most difficult choice is choosing being consciously aware of yourself, Your Truth.


Here I am speaking of Your Own Truth, your honesty your integrity and your sincerity. In this case if something is True for you it is True. You must be Truthful with yourself for successful healing.

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Human Energy System

Your energy system and your emotional system are the same thing. Emotions, feelings and thought forms all exist within an electromagnetic (light) energy field. These patterns are maintained within your human energy field. Stagnant emotions become limiting belief structures, which are memory patterns that limit your energetic system’s ability to regenerate your physical body.

Your energy system is a multidimensional electromagnetic energy field that organizes the matter (nutrients) you put into your body. Your energy system tells the “stuff” where to go. Limitations within your energy field become physical dysfunctions, (dis-ease).


Memories are stored in body tissues (cells) similarly to the way information is stored on the hard drive of a computer. Body tissue holds memories in multidimensional holographic form and in multiple frequencies. Your body stores memories and patterning both physically and energetically. Memory patterns whether conscious or unconscious create filters stagnating the operating system for manifesting your physical body. Through accessing your memories and their emotional components you have conscious information with which to make new choices. If your new choices are aligned with your higher consciousness you will function more efficiently and effectively.

What Does All This Mean?

Your body is constantly flowing at the speed of light (energy), at the rate of your circulation and cellular exchange and with your breath. Your stuck emotions and memories have a strong effect on these systems. When emotions and memories are resolved and replaced with new choices you will have a deeper sense of personal well-being.

How is River of Life Therapy Done?

By using multiple hands on healing techniques along with conscious language many levels of a person’s being are reached at once. These levels or frequencies of the human organism range from the densest material all the way through your soul and higher self.

Addressing as many layers of a person’s being as possible allows the individual the opportunity of being conscious of their patterning as deeply as they are willing to see, feel, hear, taste, touch, smell.

The techniques used for each person are chosen for him or her by asking their higher consciousness what will work best now. Treatments can range from distance healing to multiple practitioner hands on work.

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Todd J, Cunningham, BS, CST, CMT, SER, BE

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