Todd’s Personal Journey

Energy Work 101I began my journey into becoming more conscious and aware, into becoming more of me here on Earth, as I began to realize that many of the difficulties I have had dealing with our current social structure stem from the belief system that we are only flesh and blood and that the only way to understand our place in this universe is through science. Further more, from my perspective, the establishment claims that it has everything figured out and all I need to do is follow the rules and I will be successful as long as I am “willing to work hard and sacrifice (myself)”. In short this approach hasn’t worked for me!

So as I searched for TRUTH I discovered that I should start with my own truth. As in, “what’s true for me now?”. I quickly found that I was full of fear, judgements and beliefs. These had mostly been passed along to me from family, school and our society at large. I realized that my truth, my heart and my social programing were often in conflict with each other.

I began building systems for myself, most importantly to discover what was really true. Granted, this is a  huge question and so far I’ve learned to focus on what is true for me, what will support me, my evolution and my joy. I’d like to add that taking care of the people around me is a large part of what’s good for me.

Through this process I’ve realized that;

  • I often know things before I have any tangible evidence to back them up
  • I can sense energy, emotions and belief systems of people around me
  • I need to frame my story, my presentation of myself in the form of what’s true for me rather than in the form of an argument that this is TRUE (for everyone) and therefore is the best way to do it.

As I claimed my own boundaries around, this is true for me and therefore I will do X because it’s best for me, I watched (and I continue to experience) my world, my reality, my relationships change and balance. My life began to flow. I began to attract people, places and events that fit my personal fulfillment. I learned that I have the desire and the ability to help other people discover their true selves and become aware of what they will be happy with.

My hope is that my; book Energy Work 101, exercises, workshops and all that our other practitioners at Universal Flow have to offer will help you become more of the fantastic being that you truly are so we can live and enjoy our peaceful and loving Earth together.

Thank You—Todd Cunningham


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