Relocate Your Knowing Trust Your Heart

Relocating your knowing! What do I mean by this?

If you are looking in your head for a feeling that you know something is true you will never find it. Feelings register in your body. You know something is right for you when you feel it in your heart. It feels good to your heart. If something doesn’t resonate with your heart then what you are pondering won’t work for you. If it does resonate with your heart you will also know that what you are thinking about is right in your head.

This is not a one or the other situation. The things (events, situations, people, jobs etc.) that will truly make you happy are the things that resonate with your heart as well as your head.

How do you do this?

GROUND. Become aware of yourself. Grounding and being self-aware will raise your consciousness, which will raise your overall frequency. This will cause you to recognize the things that resonate with your higher frequencies. You will more quickly recognize your state of being and ones outside of yourself. You will more quickly recognize other frequencies that don’t resonate with your highest choices. When you recognize what resonates with your heart you will be able to know the difference between people, places and events that harmonize with your heart and the ones that don’t.

Can I trust my feelings?

Yes, you may not understand your feelings but you can trust them, they are yours. Yes, your anger and your fear might be about a lot more than the event that triggered them and as you stay grounded with these feelings you will learn their source.

If something you are thinking about feels good, feels relaxing, feels true in your heart then it is true for you. It will produce a happy outcome for you. The anger and fear are about trusting what happiness is for you. There is so much programming that says not to trust your feelings that good feelings will lead you into decadence, that we have agreed not to trust being happy or seeking being happy.

The Dali Lama says “your purpose is to be happy”. Pause for a second and take this in, this is what you were meant to do, be happy.

Try it, look inside your body, your heart and ask yourself what will really make me happy. Money? No, go deeper it’s what the money can provide for you or is it the reality that you think it will take money to produce.

Ground and realize this is all about you being happy so do those things that will really make you happy, that you can do this moment.

If I had more money I would _________________________ fill in the blank. If I had the time I would ____________________________ fill in the blank. We talk ourselves into believing these statements to be true and they may be. The point is reminding yourself that you always have a choice. The issue really is, are you choosing from a point of fear and/or reaction or from what feels to be the best choice for your highest good (evolution) and highest joy.

For example, you can choose to pay your bills from a place of fear and anger or you can choose to bless all the people and organizations that have honored your credit this month and be thankful that you have the money to pay them. This is your choice. The latter choice changes your relationship with your money to a more positive one. It also changes the energy that you are sending to all of your creditors and it tells the universe you enjoy being able to pay your bills. Rather than telling the universe you are upset when you pay bills, get it.

This “conscious” positive choice puts you in your place of your power of choosing. The other choice is to give your power away by seeing your bills as an outside (of yourself) force that is keeping you down. You Always Have Choice. All choices have reactions. The action is the choice. You could choose not to pay your bills. You may require reminding yourself that you “enjoy” having heat and a roof and a vehicle to get around in. You have already chosen these things. If this is not true, then what are you afraid of? Get rid of them.

In short choose to “consciously choose” and choose to make choices that synchronize with your heart. Here we are, a full circle. The question is, what do I choose? The test is having your faith to trust yourself, your choice. The work is taking the time and effort to really get to know yourself. Stop relying on the “I shoulds” and the “I shouldn’ts”, the “I’m supposed toos” and the “this is how it’s done” and choose for your self.

Focusing on negative events can allow them to happen. You are not allowing yourself to recognize the things and events that you resonate with which will cause positive outcomes. Likewise, generating positive feelings about things and events that you think in your head will make you happy may bring them about; yet the outcome will be equally false.

Try taking the time and effort to search your heart for things and events and actions that you resonate with and manifest them by having the faith in yourself to carry them out.