Universal Flow Practitioners

Todd CunninghamTodd Cunningham

He’s the director of Universal Flow and has developed grounding and energy healing techniques and workshops designed to help you  align your higher self and higher conscious awareness with your every day life.

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Rachel AnnRachel Ann

She uses techniques like energy work, shamanic practices, yoga and aroma therapy. Rachel receives messages and transmissions, from your higher self, universal energy, loved ones and other conscious beings who are trying to convey information to you. These communications are always about revealing your true potential, the true you, helping you find your strengths and gifts promoting the inner peace that we all desire.

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Andrew WilsonAndrew Wilson

He practices Shamanic Astrology. Shamanic Astrology uses all of your astrological aspects as a window into understanding your true self. Andrew calls his practice Earth to Heaven Astro-Logic. With years of experience, he provides a safe ceremonial space for your consultation.

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