We as an American society have been systematically trained to obey. We have been taught fear of speaking out from day one. The ones who break this code have been labeled “rebels,” simply because they speak their truth. Not only do they speak their truth, it runs so deeply in them that they feel no other choice than to completely live as their authentic selves. Those who are deemed as rebels are often frowned upon.

The really good ones, you will find, are literally eliminated-thus causing more fear and less others to speak out authentically. ?

Fortunately my mother and her father were rebellious, living authentically in the truth of who they were gifted to be. I was taught well and am grateful. This teaching was by example. It wasn’t always pretty. Some say it may not have always been right. But it was true and authentic and, of equal importance, it was heart based.

Lets all have our truths shine brightly on the children of now and theirs of the future.

Shed the costumes and be you!

What do you think?