Your Divine Vision

Your divine vision is exactly that, a vision from source channeled through your higher self to you.

sun light passing through green leafed tree

It’s not something you create it’s something that you connect with and follow. When you connect to serving source, humanity, and our world, you’ll receive instructions and visions about what is possible that inspire you to act.

By allowing and committing to the flow, inspirations come to you and therefore through you. They aren’t yours in the sense that you created them. Neither are they just for you they’ll benefit the whole, all of creation. It may be a straightforward vision like helping your neighbor with a earthly, 3D task. So yes similarly you can receive visions on how to better support yourself, this in turn will support us all. Your vision will include all that you need to support yourself while you follow the guidance.

The way to connect with this type of vision is to ask God, source, universe however you relate with infinite consciousness to guide you on how to serve Earth and humanity.

You don’t create the vision and then push it out onto the world. You channel, receive this vision from source into and through you.

Now that you’ve seen the overview and you’ve received your inspiration bolstering your faith it’s time for action. This isn’t easily accomplished by creating a linear map of the A-to-Z steps to reach your envisioned goal. It’s most easily accomplished by following the day-to-day moment to moment inspiration that comes through your faith that you are being guided by your divine vision, especially when you don’t understand how each small action will lead you to the whole result.

Expand your faith. Continually recommit yourself and your alignment to following your guided path and each step will be revealed in it’s appropriate time and order.

Part of this commitment is achieved by following the next step as you’re guided. At the same time, you’re developing your faith that these steps will be provided along the way and fulfilled. Be willing to do to the work that’s required to accomplish each step to the fullness of your ability. As you display your ability to preform your service you will be given greater access to your path.

Your vision is supporting the whole and you are supplying your part in its creation.

You’re manifesting God’s vision. You’re the co-creator the divine consciousness within you is supplying the guidance through your faith and you are the vessel caring it out, bringing it into physical form.