Your Truth Will Set You Free

Yes, Your Truth Will Set You Free

Becoming aware of your truth will heal you. It will free you of the false patterns and programs that are controlling you, your physical manifestations and your life.

Becoming aware of your truth and your authentic self is no easy task if it was you would be satisfied with all of the aspects of your life now.

Let’s start with some motivation

Why is facing your truth important to you?

  • What is true for you is you, if you are unwilling to know what is true for you, you are unwilling to know yourself.
  • Your willingness to be aware of your truth about any event or situation will give you powerful information about how to proceed with your life.
  • Your truth is your connection to your source, your connection to all that is. If you are unwilling to know your truth you are disconnecting from your higher self, your source.
  • The truth, your truth is nothing to be afraid of it may contain your doubts and fears which are just information that you can use to recreate your life.


Your doubts, fears and the things you dislike about yourself and your world around you contain the seeds for recreating your new life.

If you are willing to see the whole truth about yourself you will have better information, then you will be able to make clearer choices aligned with your true happiness, joy, wealth and create healthy relationships with your friends and family.

Most of the people I know grew up in a “modern” society in a western culture with it’s own social norms, ethical values, traditional customs and indoctrinated belief systems like the “Scientific Revolution”. In order to become aware of your own truth, most of you will first need to become aware that there is much more to you than the thoughts that you experience in your brain. There is allot more to you than what exists between you ears. I’m not saying that what’s in your head is bad information I’m just saying that there is allot more to you than your intellect.

  • You have emotions and therefore you have emotional feelings, reactions and responses to everything that you have ever experienced.
  • You have a physical body that generates a massive amount of physical sensation.
  • You have a spirit, soul, higher self or whatever you would like to call the source of your consciousness that is independent of your physical existence.

(This alone may challenge your western indoctrination and you may have internal conflict if you where taught both religion and the ideology of modern science. This is also a great place to start in regaining you own truth. What you feel about reading this now is important information for you.)

 I am not talking about believing, I am talking about truth.

The only glimpse of any universal truth many of us may have lies in what is true for us now. Not in what we believe but in what we experience. If you really want to know what is true for you, what exists deep inside yourself, your body, your presence, your very existence here (on Earth) then be willing to experience first. Leave the labels, judgments, your social programing and your need to have a belief system behind. Your experience and your faith in yourself that you develop along the way will show you what’s true for you. In order to learn your own truth you must be willing to be (yourself).

 The benefit is a clear communication with yourself.

Energy Work 101
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The first three exercises in my book Energy Work 101 will help you learn to communicate with your higher self, your emotions and your physical body. Being willing to become conscious of your individual information and experience will teach you how to recreate your life, your joy and your true connection with yourself and all that is.